Steps for door lock maintenance

Home security is one of those things most people don’t give a lot of thought to until some misfortune happens. While there are different ways to secure your homes, the best kind of security is preventive security, i.e. measures that prevent any source of danger to establish them in the first place, e.g. barriers like doors and strong locks.
Door locks are responsible for keeping our loved ones and possessions safe from intruders and stray animals, thus it is important to not only invest in a good sturdy lock but to also put some time and effort into its maintenance so it can keep on performing its function without being compromised.

Here are some tips for maintaining the locks you have in your house.

Things you’ll need for door lock maintenance:

  1. Q-tips
  2. Brush 
  3. WD-40
  4. Oil for lubricating 
  5. Air spray

Step 1 

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Now it can be tricky to clean out your door locks, but before your key gets stuck or even breaks, let’s clean it out. Get an air spray with a pipe small enough to clean the dust in the lock. 

Step 2

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If you don’t have the air spray, use a Q-tip, dip it in a cleaning agent, and insert it in the lock. Try and clean as much as you can. 

Step 3


For locks to work, they must always be lubricated well. Grab a lubricating oil or another that isn’t too corrosive. Drop a few drops in the lock and let it sit before you insert the key. 

Step 4

20 1228 wd40 blog door lock step 4

While all of the above steps can be hard to do and arrange, this step is a one-stop to clean and lubricate the lock. Spray some WD-40 in the lock through the pipe, let it sit for a while as it lubricates the lock. Now your door lock will work perfectly. 

Pro Tip: Call a specialist in case a key gets stuck in your lock or try this method. While these hacks may work, don’t mess with the lock too much to avoid breaking or twisting the parts inside. 



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