Best way to clean bathroom tiles with ease

We all love a fresh, shining bathroom. But no one likes to clean it. Especially when it’s been neglected over a few weeks, and the monsoons have only made the tile situation worse. Getting under grout and mold that’s formed in the corner isn’t our favourite task. It’s gross, and not something we look forward to on a weekend. There’s no escaping it. So why not learn how to do it properly with the right solutions and get done quickly, leaving your bathroom tiles spotless?

Before we move on to different cleaning solutions you could pick, here’s a quick tip: start the warm shower well in advance if you can, allowing it to create steam. This will make the build-up easier to clean, especially if you choose to use conventional/traditional methods of cleaning bathroom tiles.

Solution 1

using vinegar to clean bathroom tiles


Equal amounts of distilled white (or cleaning) vinegar mixed with water make for a good cleaning agent. Use it as you would use any other detergent – dab your cleaning cloth in the mixture, and wipe/scrub the walls until clean. It takes care of the surface-level muck. Once you’re done, let it air dry. 

Solution 2

lemon juice to clean bathroom tiles

Lemon juice

Slightly acidic, lemon juice is often used as a tile-cleaning agent. There are a few ways to use this solution. You could either use a spray bottle to spray it onto the tile directly and wipe it with a sponge or soak a sponge/cloth in the lemon juice and use that to scrub off the layer of dirt from your bathroom walls and floor. These steps could be followed by simply cleaning the tiles with a sponge/cloth dipped in warm water. You may use a good squeegee if required.

 Solution 3

using baking soda to clean

Baking soda

A combination of baking soda and water in equal amounts should give you a good consistency to use on the tiles. You may use a stiff-bristled brush or a scrub to work your way between the tiles, using this paste to the best of its potential. After all the scrubbing and cleaning, you may wipe away the residue with a damp cloth.

Solution 4

clean bathroom tiles using wd40


 A product specifically formulated as a cleaning agent, WD-40 is as effective as it gets. Be it cleaning up the layer of moss, or even the ugly discolored grout – a spray of WD-40 should do the job well. One of its specialties is that it gets right under the stubborn layers of dust, dirt, grime, & grout. Thus making the process of cleaning your bathroom much easier and quicker. Just spray a layer of WD-40 onto your tiles, let it sit for a few minutes, and merely wipe it down with a clean cloth. For scuff marks on the floor or decals in the tub, you can rub WD-40 on it, and they should be cleaned up in a jiffy. It can also be used to clean your showerhead off all the bacteria and rust. Follow these steps up with some soapy water, and a clean cloth for a great finish.

befor after

In terms of cleaning tools, you would need a grout brush or a scrub brush, a sponge, a squeegee, and a clean cloth handy. We’d recommend a fool-proof specialized cleaning agent like WD-40 in stock, as well. But feel free to choose your preferred type of bathroom cleaner. Just get the right tools, and get cleaning between the bathroom tiles! You’ve got this! 

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