101 Uses of Water Displacement Spray that Will Make Your Cleaning Job Easier

When you have a leaky roof, it gets hard to protect your beloved items from water. The water seeps through and then settles in, causing mould and mildew. In situations such as these, we often find ourselves wondering how we are supposed to clean the mess without breaking anything. That’s just talking about what’s in your house, think about what’s outside – your kids’ bikes, you car and a dozen other things that need protection from water.

Some people don’t have the luxury of a garage, so they leave most of their prized possessions vulnerable to rain, hoping that a cover will stop any severe damage. I can list at least hundred other things that need protection from water.

So, what is it that you can do to get out this watery mess?

Today, the market is full of lubricants and sprays that help keep the water away from objects that can be dangerous when in contact with it. One such spray that has been currently making the rounds and offering a one-for-all solution is the WD-40 water displacement spray.

How WD-40 Water Displacement Spray Works

The compound in this water displacement spray is a fast acting chemical that penetrates the surface deeply. A single spray prevents rust and displaces moisture. It can also be used to loosen parts that are stuck together. All you need to do is spray on the parts that need to be protected from water. The lubricant coats the entire area and dries fast. Now, even if it comes in contact with water or any other solvent, the liquid will simply slide off.

Uses of WD-40 Water Displacement Spray

The spray displaces moisture from the following items, which have been divided into categories:


  1. Household electrical connects
  2. Spark plug wires
  3. Car wiring
  4. Cellular phones that might have dropped in water
  5. Antenna connectors
  6. Bath heaters
  7. DC auto batteries
  8. Battery compartment
  9. Hearing aids
  10. Buttons that can corrode
  11. Helicopter quadrants
  12. Ignition coils
  13. Electric jewellery boxes
  14. Moving garden tools
  15. Boat trailer lights
  16. Convertible top hinges
  17. Switches on weed eater
  18. Seismic cable connectors
  19. Telephone wire connections
  20. Generators
  21. Wet engines
  22. Protects underwater connectors from corrosion
  23. Heavy-duty drills
  24. Prevents corrosion of car electrical connectors when submerged in water
  25. Stops electrical fans from squeaking


  1. Leaky coffee pot
  2. Door sill plate
  3. Pocket watches
  4. Radar gear
  5. Running shoes (to prevent the bottom from soaking any water)
  6. Frozen snowshoe zippers
  7. Flashlights
  8. Prevents locks from freezing in winter
  9. Chimney cleaning tools
  10. Shower door wheels
  11. Untangles jewellery chains
  12. Protects silver
  13. Prevents stains from sticking to stainless steel sinks
  14. Camouflages scratches in marble
  15. Prevents scissors from getting stuck
  16. Prevents swings and rocking chairs from rust and making squeaky noises
  17. Cleans padded leather
  18. Keeps home windows from getting stuck
  19. Allows smooth running of dryers and washers fan belts
  20. Prevents rust on saw blades
  21. Prevents grease from sticking on stoves
  22. Prevents glass shower doors from developing white spots

Other Items

  1. Guns
  2. Gyro compasses
  3. Compound bows (parts that require friction)
  4. Trunk locks
  5. Shaft and handle of golf irons
  6. Lubricates and cleans guitar strings
  7. Grime and road tar slides off easily from the car
  8. Lubricates prosthetic limbs

Boating Items

  1. Engine
  2. Moving screws
  3. Scuba diving belt buckles
  4. Fishing tackle
  5. Fishing waders (prevents corrosion after use)
  6. Boat fittings
  7. Boat battery terminals
  8. Boat trailer axle
  9. Boat moorings
  10. Fishing lures, tackle and hook
  11. Rappelling equipment
  12. Canoe accessories

Outdoor Items

  1. Outdoor latches
  2. Shovel handles
  3. Tire air nozzles
  4. Bilge areas
  5. Penetrates frozen mail
  6. Sprinkler heads
  7. Bicycle chain, derailleur, sprockets, seat and other parts
  8. Keeps the barbeque grill free of dirt
  9. Prevents terra cotta and ceramic garden pots from corrosion
  10. Keeps children’s playground gym clean and shiny
  11. Keeps the mower deck lever free of dirt
  12. Prevents umbrella stem from corrosion so that it opens easily

Following are some unexpected uses of the water displacement spray that will amaze you:

  1. Removes melted jelly beans from carpets and prevents bugs from setting on it
  2. Removes crayon colour from walls
  3. Protects the toilet’s inner machinery from corrosion (no need to buy expensive cleaning liquids)
  4. Cleans newspaper ink marks from the table
  5. Removes gum from almost all surfaces
  6. Prevents antique bronze sculptures from corrosion
  7. Cleans dog poop from hard surfaces
  8. Removes scuff marks from the floor left behind by shoes
  9. Removes nail polish from hardwood floors
  10. Helps shovel snow
  11. Lubricates wheel on baby buggies
  12. Removes fingerprints from vintage magazine covers
  13. Removes marks made by a permanent marker on board
  14. Keeps dog collars clean
  15. Dissolves glue
  16. Cleans gum from turtle shells and horses (pretty amazing right?)
  17. Shines diamonds
  18. Spray on wrist watches to stop it from pulling out your arm hair
  19. Cleans bird cage and other animal traps
  20. Shines vinyl sneakers
  21. Protects toys

WD-40 water displacement spray has numerous uses. The sky is your limit and you can try this spray on almost every surface to get a clean, rust-free and shiny look. Everything slides right off, giving you the benefit of keeping your antique items and other things safe from water.


The uses shown and described for WD-40 Multi-Use Product were provided to WD-40 Company by the users themselves. These uses haven’t been tested by WD-40 Company and do not constitute a recommendation of suggestion for use by WD-40 Company. Common sense should be exercised whenever using WD-40 Company products. Always follow the instructions and take heed of any warnings printed on the packaging.

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