The kitchen is the most essential part of your home life; your kitchen is the heart of your home; it’s where your nourishment begins. But unfortunately, out of all the rooms, your kitchen is the one that requires attention every day. Cleaning your kitchen regularly is vital for many reasons. One of the biggest concerns about cleanliness is to prevent bacteria and foodborne illnesses. If your countertops and cutting boards aren’t clean, bacteria can grow and spread. It’s also imperative to clean your kitchen regularly for better health.

And, If you aren’t worried about the health of your loved ones, then think economically instead. Cleanliness can save you money.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to clean, what to clean, and what to keep in mind when cleaning your kitchen:


What you’ll need for cleaning your kitchen:

How Cleaning Your Kitchen Regularly Helps Maintain It

Here’s a step by step guide to cleaning your kitchen:
Step 1:

How Cleaning Your Kitchen Regularly Helps Maintain It

The first and most crucial step when you start cleaning is clearing out the clutter from your countertop and cupboards. You can’t clean out your kitchen with all the junk lying around. Remove everything that doesn’t belong in your kitchen and throw the trash away in a garbage bag. Start from one corner of the kitchen and move by sections to other counters. Spray WD-40 multi-use product on any grime that may be present.

Step 2:

How Cleaning Your Kitchen Regularly Helps Maintain It

Place the dishes in the sink that needs to soak in the water. Put all the dirty dishes in the soapy water in the sink and let them soak while you clean other parts of the kitchen. Fill large dishes like pans and woks with soapy water and set them in the sink to soak. Put the small utensils like spoons or knives on the top of your sink.

Step 3:

How Cleaning Your Kitchen Regularly Helps Maintain It

Dust the top of your cabinets. Don’t worry about cleaning them from the inside. We are not focussing on deep cleaning but cleaning the entire kitchen with easy steps. Clean the top of your cabinets from the outer surface. Use WD-40 multi use product on the cabinets to stop them from squeaking and to keep them clean.

Step 4:

How Cleaning Your Kitchen Regularly Helps Maintain It

Spray some WD-40 multi use product on limescale that may have developed on the tap or close to the sink. This will help clean the stains and maintain the taps for a longer period of time.

Remember, cleaning your kitchen regularly makes a massive difference in the hygiene aspect of your kitchen and how clean your house looks overall. Any stain or spill must be cleaned up as soon as it happens to avoid mould or fungus.