From vehicles to metal tools, machinery to gutters of our homes, you will find corrosion everywhere. Corrosion and rust is the result of aging metals. There are some common causes of corrosion that affect the life and quality of your metal objects. Let’s talk about what corrosion is and what are its causes. If you don’t know all about this now, then you will about reading this article.

What is Corrosion?

Corrosion is a natural process that converts metals into a chemically stable or oxidized form. It is the gradual destruction of the metal through chemical or electrochemical reactions. They take place between the metal and the environment.


What are the Three Causes of Corrosion?

3 causes of corrosion you should probably know all about

Metals are susceptible to corrosion which reduces their lives. Here are some of the most common causes of corrosion.


Weather Conditions

The main cause of corrosion on most of the metals is its exposure to weather conditions. Therefore if you keep your metal objects outdoors in the open, they are going to corrode. Since they are exposed to environmental elements such as water, wind, and moisture, they will be oxidized quickly. Rain and too much sun can also cause corrosion. Therefore, it is advised to keep your metals indoors or at least in dry places so they are safe from moisture. The drier you keep your metals, the more you will be able to extend their lives.



Your metal objects will corrode faster if you live in coastal regions. If you live in coastal regions your metal objects will corrode faster. Salty seawater, too much humidity and moisture in the air is a serious enemy of metallic objects. Therefore, if you keep your metals untreated or exposed to the elements, they are going to be exposed to corrosion. Similarly, very warm or very cold climates also have a similar effect on the corrosion of metals.



Another common cause of corrosion is neglect. If you fail to take proper care of your metallic objects, from your vehicles to the tools and machinery, you will find them corroding fast. It is very important to keep your metal objects clean and properly taken care of to ensure they do not corrode. Park your vehicles indoors, clean the tools as soon as you’ve used them to ensure they are not wet anymore. In conclusion, the more you are able to keep your metal objects dry, the more will they be free from the effects of corrosion.


Keep a Look Out at the Causes of Corrosion and Prevent Loss

3 causes of corrosion you should probably know all about

If you want to keep your metal objects free from corrosion, it is important to know and understand what exactly causes corrosion. With the knowledge of the causes of corrosion, you will be able to effectively prevent it from consuming your metal objects: from vehicles to little metal tools.

Keep your metals corrosion-free by keeping them safe from the causes of corrosion mentioned above. Utilize WD-40 Multi-Use-Product as it will leave a layer on your metal items to help prevent corrosion. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before doing so. 

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