How To Clean and Maintain A Steel Cupboard With WD-40®?

Having steel cupboards in your bedroom and kitchen can make your entire house sparkle. The hardware on your cupboards, cabinets is the new sleek look in the household designs. The issue may not be as bright and shiny when you need to clean and maintain your steel cupboard.

That’s why we have got a step-by-step guide for tackling the worst in terms of accumulated kitchen junk – the hidden tops of cupboards in the best possible way- in as little time and with as little effort as possible!

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कदम 1: Dust off the cupboard

Although steel cupboards are vertical and have flat surfaces, you’d be surprised how much dust they accumulate. If not cleaned regularly, your cupboard exteriors can accumulate a lot of dust from the windows just like your hands and regular activities can act as dust magnets. Regular dusting with a cloth will go a long way towards preventing dirt and grime build-up that can be difficult to clean.

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कदम 2: Spray WD-40 multi use product to remove rust

Most of the spots that appear on cupboard exteriors on a daily basis can be handled simply with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water. The base of the steel cupboard may catch rust due to water dampening from mopping the floors. Spray WD-40 multi use product to remove rust and protect the steel. Be sure to wash the underside of handles and the inside of the cupboard doors – these hidden places can collect grime and spills too! Rinse with a cloth rinsed in warm water, then dry each surface using a towel or soft cloth.

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कदम 3: Use WD-40 and a soft cloth for tough grime dirt

For stubborn stains and grease and grime, a bit of extra elbow grease is required. Spray some WD-40 multi use product on the stains. Dry with a soft cloth.

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कदम 4: Spray WD-40 multi use product inside the drawer, behind the handle and the hinges

Now that you have removed almost all grime and tough stains, it could be possible your cupboard still isn’t clean.

There might be rust build-up inside the drawers, behind the handle, or in the hinges. Spray WD-40 multi use product onto these areas; make sure you cover all the corners and behind the handle and wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. Not only would it remove rust, but it will also make the steel bright and shiny.

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Here's how WD-40 can clean and protect your steel cupboard

Having steel cupboards in any Indian household is a given and it can make your entire house sparkle. The issue may not be as bright and shiny when you need to clean and maintain your steel cupboard. Regular cleaning agents may not help you remove the rust, grime, and dirt that has accumulated over the years. You will require a reliable solution to fix these issues. Dust off the cupboard with a soft cloth. Spray WD-40 multi use product on areas that have rust and grime. Let the solution sit for a few minutes before wiping it off. You must pay special attention to the handles, keyholes, and hinges to stop them from squeaking! The smart straw helps you reach those tough corners like keyholes with the narrow straw option. These steps will help you clean and maintain your steel cupboard with WD-40.

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