You’ve finally put your kid down for a nap and are about to sneak out of the room when your door gives you away!

It’s hard enough to get your kids to go to bed, let alone when they know that a squeaky door or window will keep them awake.

There are many things you can do to prevent these noises. Here are some tips to easily silence squeaky doors and windows with little to no effort.

1. Put a drop of oil on the hinges of all doors and windows in your home

Most doors squeak because there’s too much pressure on the hinges. To ease them, use a screwdriver to tap the bottom of the hinge, pushing out the pin. When it’s about halfway out, add a few drops of multipurpose oil inside and around and then, push the pin right in. Move the door back and forth to allow the oil to seep in.

2. Apply WD-40 to the hinges of doors and windows

One of the easiest fixes for squeaky doors is lubricating with WD-40. Lightly spray the hinges, wiping away any excess, and move your door back and forth to let the WD-40 penetrate the insides.

3. Tighten loose screws on window latches

Make sure you tighten all screws that attach the window latches to its frame before you try opening the window. Otherwise, loose screws might cause rattling noises when opened and might not close properly afterwards.

If you find any loose screws on your window latches, tighten them immediately. You may need a screwdriver for this task.

4. Use wax to smoothen hinges and prevents future dust build-up

For extra stubborn squeaks, use paraffin wax. Most candles are made of paraffin wax and should be easily available. Remove the hinge pin and dip it in melted wax, coating evenly. Then, wait for it to cool down a little before pushing it back in and move the door back and forth. Wax is preferable over oil as it also prevents future dust build-up.

If oiling or waxing doesn’t help, it could be dirt or rust. Remove the hinges, and use steel wool and a diluted detergent to scrub out dirt, grease, or any paint residue. After the hinges are dried, fix them back up and liberally coat with WD-40, wiping down any excess. WD-40 will prevent any future rust build-up.

5. Quick Fix

If you need to fix the door in a pinch, just use any oil you have – cooking oil, petroleum jelly, or even cooking spray work well. Use a paper towel to rub them into the hinges and wipe off any excess. These may only fix the squeak temporarily but are great in a pinch.

Final Word

Now you know how to fix a squeaky door! So now your doors will not squeak and your hinges will be clean in no time! Meanwhile your kids get a goodnight sleep, see other ways WD-40 can be used around the house like for rust removal and cleaning!