Every home has a good ol’ ceiling fan. The one that spins relentlessly in almost all hours of the day. Sometimes sped up to its limit, other times not. But how often do we look up and inspect it?
Ceiling fans are usually covered with a line of dust towards their edges. This dust starts collecting over time, and if not maintained, ruins the fan’s inner workings, making it wobbly. The blades, covered in dust bunnies, start stripping off as the dust seeps into the room’s air.
Don’t leave this essential appliance covered in grime; clean the ceiling fan with these easy solutions. 

What you’ll need to clean a ceiling fan: 

How to get rid of the dust and clean a ceiling fan

  1. Wet Cloth
  2. Vacuum cleaner
  3. Dust broom 
  4. WD-40
  5. Step ladder or chair
  6. Tissue/towel 

Solution 1: Cleaning with a wet cloth

This is one is a pretty simple method to clean up your ceiling fan and remove the bare dirt covering it. 

Get up close to your ceiling fan by using a step ladder or a chair. Slide it onto the blade as far as you can, and wipe clean. The cloth will gather all the dust without making much mess.

Solution 2: Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner

Another method that gathers up the primary dust on the blades of your ceiling fan. With this one, you may not need a stepladder as the vacuum cleaner may provide some height by itself. 

Hold up the cleaner end to the blades and let it suck up the dirt. This is an easy-to-do method to avoid the formation of dust clumps. 

Solution 3: Cleaning with a dust broom 

A messy method, but it gets the job done if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to lay down a sheet before you begin, as the dust may fall off towards the floor. 

Hold up the dust broom or brush to the blades and start swiping the dirt off. Be sure to do it gently and avoid wobbling the fan too much. The sheet will collect all the dust. You’ll be left with a dust-free fan. 

Solution 4: Cleaning with WD-40

How to get rid of the dust and clean a ceiling fan

While these solutions get rid of the top layer of dirt on your ceiling fan, they don’t leave it shiny and clean. Well, here’s a solution that’ll leave your fan as good as new. 

Get on your step ladder or chair, spray some WD-40 on the blades, avoid the wires, and wipe clean with a towel or tissue. Every stain or ounce of dirt will be wiped clean without a mess, leaving your fan in perfect condition to go on for months to come. 

We recommended a thorough cleaning of your fan rather than a basic one. This assures it’s long-lasting and ideal functionality.