We all like the cool air and pleasant atmosphere the air conditioner provides. But in summer, if the filters and the inside of the A/C aren’t cleaned up, it becomes less effective, and more heated up. Is such a thing worth spending a lot of money over, when you can take care of it yourself, at home?

With a few simple steps, you can make sure that your air conditioner is clean and ready to keep you cool in the burning heat of summer, just in time!

Here’s what you will need to clean the air conditioner:

How to clean your air conditioner all by yourself

  1. A stepladder
  2. AC manual
  3. A clean, dry cloth
  4. Water and detergent 
  5. A can of WD-40

Step 1

Switch off the power supply to the A/C

Step 2

Flip through the A/C manual, and look for how to open the top cover. Since different air conditioners are made differently, there isn’t one sure-shot way of opening them. Once you figure it out, use the stepladder to reach the A/C, and take off the top cover.

Step 3

Remove the filters that you see inside the A/C, and dust them. After getting a major chunk of dust out of the way, you may wash the filters with water and detergent, and wipe them up.

Step 4

Next, spray a generous amount of WD-40 in the cooling fins of the A/C, going from left to right. Let the solution sit for 15-20 minutes. This cleaning agent will expertly go deep into the cooling fins, while any other cleaning solution would only clean them up from the outside. 

Step 5
Wipe up any dripping or excess WD-40, and place the A/C filters and the top cover back, and your A/C is ready to keep the heat away once again!


Cleaning up the air conditioner isn’t a thing reserved for summers. Regular cleaning will make it’s functioning more efficient, and there will be lesser chances of the machine giving way unannounced. So get cleaning, and keep it cool!