Driving your swanky vehicle around is a fantastic hobby or sometimes a necessity. Whether it’s a road trip, a stop at the market, or just a visit, your vehicle always comes to your rescue. For all this work, your car or bike deserves the best after-care.
Sure, you give them a wipe down every now and then, but are you truly taking care of your vehicles? If not, unfortunately, they won’t last very long without repair jobs.  Cleaning grease, dust, and grime are any vehicle’s worst enemies, especially around the tires. It builds up over time and destroys the material on the tires, the rims, and the nuts. 

No need to go to expensive cleaning sessions or buy tons of chemicals. With a little elbow grease, you can get rid of any grime or oil with some things you’ll find just lying around. 

Things you’ll need for cleaning caked grease: 

  1. Vinegar
  2. Baking soda
  3. Lemon or castor oil 
  4. Scrubber 
  5. Water 
  6. WD-40
  7. Rag 
  8. Q-tips

Solution 1 – For basic dirt and grime

How to get caked grease off your tyres?

A mix of vinegar and water is ideal for basic dirt clean-up for your tires. Mixing equal parts of both and get scrubbing. Dip, and scrub as much as you need to. All the top layer of dust that covers your wheels will come up. Wipe clean with a rag. 

For the nuts, bolts, dip them in the solution for a bit and wipe clean.

Solution 2 – Deep cleaning of grease

How to get caked grease off your tyres?

The mix of baking soda and vinegar has been known to many for such cleaning purposes. It helps in melting away the grime that has settled in or caked up in spaces. 

Mix equal parts of baking soda and vinegar together to make a paste. Put it all over your tires and leave it for a bit. Then get your scrubber and scrub away. Reach in those tiny spaces and crevices with a q-tip. Most of the dirt will be off; wipe clean. 

Solution 3 – Dullness after cleaning 

How to get caked grease off your tyres?

After all the scrubbing and the wiping, there’s no assurance that the shiny and clean outlook of your tires and rims will be restored. Here’s a little DIY that’ll come in handy. Grab some oil, dip it in a rag. Now get rubbing on the rims and the tires, and bring back some of the lost shine. 

Solution 4 – All inclusive

How to get caked grease off your tyres?

Now all of the above is easy to do but doesn’t guarantee complete clean-up. Additionally, the add on a step for shininess can be a hassle. Here’s a solution for all your concerns, WD-40. Simply spray some WD-40 all over the tires, rims, and nuts. Now wipe clean and use a q-tip for those hard-to-reach corners. Clean-up + dullness, both will be taken care of. 

Make sure to clean up your vehicle every now and then to ensure they keep going strong. Here are some more tips to clean your vehicle